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eGRANTTTs (eGrants/Crowd Funding)
African American (AfAM) eGrants/Crowd Funding.
eGRANTTTs is a return to Fun Crowd/eGrant Funding and Fun Discovery.  eGRANTTTs is Public Driven.  

If the Crowd says your Project or Idea has Clout and they give $1 or more to it, failing to reach your target amount does not void out what the Crowd has given.

Using our service(s) means you agree to the following terms/conditions:

1. You have read the Universal Business Planning Guide
2. Listed in your request, you'll let Supporters know what percentage of your business will be operated based on the universal business planning guide

Are you looking to support African American Sellers?
Sellers/Merchant listed with eGRANTTTs access the proper WAYS & MEANS of Operating a Business.

To whatever percentage a merchant operates their business according to the universal business planning guide that's the percentage we suggest that you invest.  You are not wasting your Time or Treasure when supporting business requests listed on #eTTTs.

This small business requirement (Being Informed about the Universal Business Planning Guide) benefits Sellers/Merchants in ways that can't be measured.  In fact, nearly all business books are fashioned from the Business Planning Guide, enlarged upon with many additional pages and turned into courses and/or other training WAYS & MEANS.  Here's another benefit- If you know how to adapt any business to the Business Planning Guide you can run 'ANY BUSINESS' no matter what size and do so successfully.  

All Small or Major businesses that RUN LIKE A CLOCK are influenced by the Business Planning Guide or some related format.
Too, you need to run a business like a clock, not a Stopwatch.

The difference between running a BUSINESS or a HOBBY is the OPERATIONS.
Proper Operations are 100% established when you base a business on the Universal Business Planning Guide.

A Free Business Planning Guide can be obtained on the SMALL BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS' website.


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