QQSmartCARD Coach

Enter your plays in this QQSmart System.

Like using a smartphone to communicate plays better.

Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time can cost you a game.
These days, folks have so much on their mind outside of playing the game, an error can happen.

Avoid Mental Lapse... QQ-COACH-CALL the GAME IT!!!

You can protect, change or rearrange plays now. 

  1. Plays are stolen prior to a big game-  No Problem... Switch to a backup set
  2. You see something you can exploit... Change plays on the fly
  3. Select a Play and show each player their responsibilities
  4. Yes, Select the MAIN PLAY and other positions will only see their assignments in Text or Diagramed
  5. etc...

There are the obvious ways of using this but we're so sure you develop many more WAYS & MEANS of taking advantage of this idea.

As a BONUS, we're including the most INNOVATIVE PLAY-CALLING SYSTEM ever devised.  This 'eCs' (X) system actually inspired the App and now the request for the device.  The eCs Play calling system along with this device is what LEVELING UP IS ALL ABOUT!!!




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